django-cas-ng Release 3.6.0

django-cas-ng 3.6.0 released on 2020-01-16

django-cas-ng 3.6.0 released on 2018-11-23.

This is the last release to support Django 1.x and Python 2.7.

3.5.0 to 3.6.0

There are some break changes between 3.5.0 and 3.6.0. Please refer to

Release Notes

  • Removed support for Django < 1.11.
  • PR-188: Introduce isort for automatic import ordering
  • PR-187: Remove unused workarounds for EOL Django < 1.10
  • PR-186: Simplify dependency handling in tox.ini
  • PR-184: Remove unnecessary distutils fallback from
  • PR-183: Use skip_install=true for lint or static tox targets
  • PR-182: Distribute package as a universal wheel
  • PR-181: Remove unused submodule python-cas
  • PR-180: Trim trailing white space throughout the project
  • PR-179: Class-based Login, Logout and Callback views, plus successful_login overridable method
  • PR-177: Fix #172 attributes that do not change being removed
  • PR-176: Fix #106: Adding CAS_VE RIFY_SSL_CERTIFICATE setting
  • PR-173: Include ‘django_cas_ng.middleware.CASMiddleware’ middleware in example settings of README
  • PR-171: Fix #170 in README: Fix broken links, add syntax highlighting and slight changes to the bad_attributes_reject example
  • Fix #164: Remove dead links in README

Checkout release history and download previous release at

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