python-cas Release 1.5.0

python-cas 1.5.0 released on 2020-01-30

python-cas 1.5.0 released on 2020-01-30.

Release Notes

  • PR-17: Test and document support for all modern Python versions
  • PR-18: Distribute package as an universal Python Wheel
  • PR-20: README: Link to using HTTPS
  • PR-21: Minor refactor: Prefer dict literals {} over dict()
  • PR-22: Enable native pip cache in Travis CI
  • PR-23: Fix Declare as a module, not a package
  • PR-24: Pass python_requires argument to setuptools
  • PR-25: Remove unnecessary distutils fallback from
  • PR-26: Fix links in README.rst
  • PR-27: Simplify tox configuration
  • PR-28: Include tests in the source distribution
  • PR-29: Remove pytest-pythonpath dependency
  • PR-30: Use skip_install=true for lint or static tox targets
  • PR-32: Use tox’s builtin support for the TOXENV environment variable
  • PR-31: Introduce isort for automatic import ordering
  • PR-33: Simplify dependency handling in tox.ini
  • PR-35: Fix SSL certificate validation due to client field for get_proxy_ticket
  • PR-36: Add support for element under cas:authenticationSuccess
  • Fix #34: Exclude setup from installed package

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