Contributions are welcome!

If you would like to contribute this project. Please feel free to fork and send pull request. Please make sure and new test and tests are passed. Also welcome to add your name to Credits section of this document.

Code Style

New code should follow both PEP8 and the Django coding style.

See also

Coding style (taken from Django coding-style.txt for quick reference)


For API documentation, please follow Google docstring style for API documentation.

See also

Google Style Python Docstring Example (taken from sphinx-doc for quick reference)

The other document is write reStructuredText.

See also

reStructuredText Primer (taken from sphinx-doc for quick reference)

Pull Request

In PR, please also add your change description (especially for break changes) to docs/changelog.rst with a draft release version number like x.x.x.

What to Contribute

  • Bug fixes

  • New features

  • Tests to increase code coverage

  • Documentation