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  • CAS Single Logout (SLO)

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    How CAS single logout (SLO) works?

    SLO Overview NOTE: Single Logout (SLO) need CAS Server support. With Single Logout (SLO), user gets logged out not only from the CAS Server, but also from all visited CAS client applications. django-cas-ng proudly support SLO since release 3.5.0. The …

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  • CAS History

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    CAS (Central Authentication Server) Protocol History

    CAS is a simple central authentication server protocol. It was initially conceived and developed by Shawn Bayern of Yale University Technology and Planning. It was later maintained by Drew Mazurek at Yale. CAS 1.0 implemented single-sign-on. CAS 2.0 …

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  • CAS 101

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    A brief introduction to CAS (Central Authentication Service) key conceptions and flows to newbie. login flow, logout flow, ticket validation etc.

    CAS Introduction The Central Authentication Service (CAS) is a single-sign-on / single-sign-off protocol for the web. It permits a user to access multiple applications while providing their credentials (such as userid and password) only once to a …

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  • What's new in SwiftUI iOS 16.4 beta 2

    Last Update: in iOS

    What’s new in SwiftUI iOS 16.4 beta 2: new view modifiers, navigation fixes etc.

    iOS & iPadOS 16.4 Beta 2 Released on Feb 28, 2023. Here is what’s the change on SwiftUI. New Features in SwiftUI iOS 16.4 beta 2 A family of new view modifiers lets you build even richer resizable sheet experience with SwiftUI. Use these …

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