Posts in 2019

  • Secure Squid Proxy Server

    August 25, 2019 in Linux

    Install and quick configure squid to make it securely

    Squid is a caching proxy for the Web supporting HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and more. It reduces bandwidth and improves response times by caching and reusing frequently-requested web pages. Installation Install on Mac with brew $ brew install squid ==> …

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  • OAuth2 101

    August 15, 2019 in OAuth2

    Introduction to OAuth2 Protocol

    What is OAuth2 OAuth 2.0 focuses on client developer simplicity while providing specific authorization flows for web applications, desktop applications, mobile phones, and living room devices. This specification and its extensions are being developed …

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  • Setup a Git Server over SSH

    July 07, 2019 in Git

    Setting up a Git service running over SSH.

    Plan server Like GitHub, I want to have git url like [email protected]:repos/myrepo.git, so I can clone as: $ git clone [email protected]:repos/myrepo.git Create git user To do this, I need create a user named git on my Linux server: $ sudo useradd -m …

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  • Git quick reference

    July 06, 2019 in Git

    Git quick reference for daily work

    Why Git Git is a fast, scalable, distributed revision control system with an unusually rich command set that provides both high-level operations and full access to internals. help git help outline the most common use git commands. $ git help usage: …

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  • npm publish

    June 12, 2019 in npm

    Tips on contributing packages to npm registry by npm publish, how to reduce package size, how to use scoped package, how to debug package locally etc.

    Reduce package size Use files field in package.json to specific installed files The optional files field is an array of file patterns that describes the entries to be included when your package is installed as a dependency. File patterns follow a …

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  • Configure Debian startup services

    March 02, 2019 in Linux

    Configure debian start up services by sysv-rc-conf.

    I used to use chkconfig to configure which service to run at system start up. With my Raspberry Pi running based on Debian distribution, there is no chkconfig 😔. The replacement for Debian is sysv-rc-conf: Run-level configuration for SysV like init …

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Posts in 2018

  • django-cas-ng Release 3.6.0

    November 23, 2018 in django-cas-ng Releases

    django-cas-ng 3.6.0 released on 2020-01-16

    django-cas-ng 3.6.0 released on 2018-11-23. This is the last release to support Django 1.x and Python 2.7. 3.5.0 to 3.6.0 There are some break changes between 3.5.0 and 3.6.0. Please refer to …

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  • Integrate with Django admin site

    August 25, 2018 in CAS

    Integrate django-cas-ng with Django admin site authentication

    Problem I’m using django-cas-ng framework to authenticate users. The main problem is that the admin page still uses the default login view. Methods used this far: 1.- Using env var From docs: CAS_ADMIN_PREFIX: The URL prefix of the Django …

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  • CAS Single Logout (SLO)

    February 23, 2018 in CAS

    How CAS single logout (SLO) works?

    NOTE: Single Logout (SLO) need CAS Server support. With Single Logout (SLO), user gets logged out not only from the CAS Server, but also from all visited CAS client applications. django-cas-ng proudly support SLO since 3.5.0. The implementation is …

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  • CAS History

    February 03, 2018 in CAS

    CAS (Central Authentication Server) Protocol History

    CAS is a simple central authentication server protocol. It was initially conceived and developed by Shawn Bayern of Yale University Technology and Planning. It was later maintained by Drew Mazurek at Yale. CAS 1.0 implemented single-sign-on. CAS 2.0 …

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